Friday, November 19, 2010

Strategies for Scaling up of SRI

  • Identification of potential villages for Rabi:
List out the villages where we can take up SRI by considering following factors:
A.      Villages with considerable area (40 – 50 Acres) under bore well irrigation
B.      Villages where already SRI is implemented by SERP or any NGO or dept of Agriculture

·         Adoption by functionaries:

Adoption by functionaries (VA/CA/CRP) is critical for scaling up of SRI. List out all VA/CAs who’s land is under bore well. Ensure that this VAs/CAs practice SRI in their own fields.

·         Manufacturing and supply Weeders:

Explore local agriculture officers and JDAs for availability of weeders. If sufficient number is not available with department, then identify 3-5 good artisans in your district for manufacturing weeders and supply to the SRI villages. Ensure timely supply of sufficient number of weeders (one weeder for every three acres).

·         Community SRI Nurseries:

Identify ½ - 1 acre of land for nursery, where majority of farmers willing to adopt SRI. We can grow one nursery for 5-10 Acrs. This is important as SRI require small nurseries and intensive care required at nursery stage.

·         Capacity building for farmers and workers:

Organise introductory training programs for identified farmers in the village itself and on field training for workers and farmers.  

·         Pamphlets on SRI methods:

Produce pamphlets on principles of SRI in simple language and supply it all identified farmers

·         Screening of films in VO and SHG meetings:
Ensure screening of films produced already on SRI in identified villages as part of capacity building programs in addition to screening in VO and SHG meetings

·         Innovations and flexibility for modifications:
Allow farmers to innovate and adopt modification in SRI, without compromising on basic principles of SRI.

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