Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Development of Technologies in Organic Farming from Green Revolution Period

Production component
Organic Farming Technologies available at the time of Green revolution
Organic Farming Technologies available at present
Seed treatment
Seed treatment with Ash
A.      Seed treatment with Bheejamartuham
B.      Raw milk treatment
C.      Cow urine and asetofida
A.      Green leaf manuring
B.      Farm Yard Manure
C.      Heap method of composting
D.      Penning with Sheep and Goat

A.      Nadep composting
B.      Banglore method of composting
C.      Indore method of composting
D.      Dabholkar method of green manuring
E.       Green manure crops
F.       Mulching (Live and dead)
G.     Dung based inoculants like Drava Jeevamrutham, Panchagavya etc
H.     Bio fertilizers
I.        Azolla in Paddy
Pest and Disease Management
Dusting with Ash
A.      Botanical extracts
B.      Pest Management by understanding pest life cycles
C.      Bio pesticides
D.      Mixed cropping
E.       Trap crops
F.       Pheromone traps
G.     Border crop
H.     Alleys in Paddy

Monday, February 7, 2011

History of Organic Farming

·         1903 – Gustav Simons: wrote an important book on the relationship between the health of soils, growth of plants and health of man kind

·         1924  - Rudolf steiner  -  Foundations for the renewal of Agriculture   

·         1940 - The term “organic farming” Was coined by Northbourne  the term is coined in his book “Look to the land”

·         1939  -  Lady Eve Balfour – Established Experimental plot on organic farming in England

·         1940 -   Albert Howard: “An agricultural Testament

·         1940 – Manusoba Fukoka proposed “Natural Farming” concept

·         1950 – J.I. Rodale: promoted Organic Gardening  in America

·         1962 – Carson: “Silent Spring” – Describing adverse affects of DDT and other pesticides

·         1972 – International Federation of Organic Movements (IFOAM)  formed in Versailles

·         1975 – Fukoka – “One Straw Revolution”

·         1991 – European Union Regulations for Organic production

·         1992 – IFOAM Accreditation program for accommodating certification agencies

·         1999 – FAO/WHO – Inter Governmental body provided set of guide lines for Organic Production