Saturday, October 8, 2011

Srikakulam field visit: Observations and suggestions

Following are my observations and suggestions based on my visit to Kuselapuram, Ramjogipeta, Kambara,  Pedarama, Seethampeta and Sirusuvada on 5th and 7th of this month.

 Near universalisation of Alleys in Paddy:

 I found alleys in all most all villages in 100 acres blocks. The contributing factor for this is intense follow up and working on blocks. All the CAs deserves appreciation for this commendable work.

Model in Mandal samakhya, Seethampeta:

 CAs in Seethampeta mandal showed their commitment and their potential through the model they developed in MMS office. The success factor in this is Commitment and unity of CAs. We should scale up this kind of models in all villages.

 Vegetable growers of Sirusuwada:

 Vegetable growers in Sirusuwada are amazing community. Their models showed the potential of Agriculture in elimination of poverty.  This village offers lot of lessons to learn. It shows how hard work pays.

 Azolla is missing completely:

 Except in Ramajogipeta, I didn’t find Azolla in any village. Focus should be on spreading Azolla in all villages. Please recall the guidelines every VA should keep Azolla at his/her home. All DPMU functionaries should ensure spreading Azolla.  

 No driving forces and leadership at DCC level:            

 Lack of focus and driving by DPMU functionaries resulted in low adoption rates of nadep compostpits, 36X36 models, etc.

 I found that very few DPMU functionaries have energy to drive the program. Fortunately this district has very good CAs, but their energies are not channelized towards achieving the goals.  

 DPMU functionaries should guide CAs and do follow up with CAs, VAs and CRPs. Iam not clear whether DPMU functionaries have priorities and strategies to drive them.

 Reorganization ofmandal allotment to DPMU functionaries may be reviewed.

  Awareness is not leading to adoption:

 Surprisingly many farmers are aware of CMSA methods and the benefits, one farmer explained preparation of many extracts but he is not adopting CMSA methods. CAs are enable to create awareness among farming community on CMSA methods, it is time for DPMU functionaries to support CAs to convert this awareness into adoption of CMSA methods.

 All methods should be in one village:

 I didn’t find all components in one village. One village is strong in non-negotiables, some other village is storng in nadep compost pits but there is no village which has all components. Now DPMU should focus on implementing all non-negotiables and flagship components in one village so that it gives a comprehensive impact of CMSA.

 Focus on convergence with Department:

 There is visible convergence with Department of Agriculture. We should use this links to get our share in accessing pheromone traps, markers and weeders etc. This will improve the adoption rates.

 Exposure visit to Sirusawada:

 All DPMU functionaries and CAs who are implementing POP strategy should visit Sirusuwada. This will help them in achieving higher incomes in POP strategy.

 Role of NGO:

 NGO coordinators contributing like DPMU functionaries, but we are expecting more contribution in higher end activities. NGO should bring value added components like strengthening of FFS, Building infrastructure for CMSA, market linkages etc. We request Sweep NGO to work towards this.

 Decreasing role of Subcommittees:

 Earlier Subcommittees of Srikakulam are very active. I hope still it is continuing. Please introspect on the role of subcommittees and strengthen them. This will automatically increase the adoption rates.

 Special focus on Vegetable growers:

 Vegetable growers in Kambara, Sirusuwada etc needs our attention. They are investing considerable amounts on pesticides and fertilizers. We should send some CRPs to support them in adopting CMSA methods. Further we need to establish NPM shops on large scale to cater their needs.

 Training to NPM shop owners:

 I found the selected beneficiaries for NPM shops are interested in establishing NPM shops, but they require training on preparation of extracts and management of pests through extracts. We may need to organize training program immediately.

We need self driven leadership at DCC level. The Biggest challenge for CMSA wing is to strengthening leadership at DCC level.   

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