Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Learnings from Jattu trust

Jattu trust developed “Prakruthi adi devo bhava” in 2.5 Acre land to showcase different sustainable agriculture models. Following models are available:

 Growing creepers on permanent pendals:

 They erected permanent pendals made with cement and trailing creepers on them. They are growing bottle guard and ridge guard on the pendals. This is beautiful and giving good yields

 Rejuvenating 100 years old mangos:

 One of the interesting feature in this campus is grafting mango trees which are 100 years old. One mango tree is giving different   varieties.

Raised beds:

 They are growing all crops on raised beds only. They are adding “Amrutha mitti” on raised beds which is giving very good results. They developed “Three feet”, “Five feet” and “seven feet” width beds for growing different crops.  Leafy vegetables are grown on three feet width beds, on five feet width beds they are growing Turmeric, Brinjal, Tomato, Bhendi etc. “Seven feet” width beds are using in “Annapurna” Model

 Cattle rearing:

 They are rearing eight cows. Co-1 gross is cultivating in small piece of land meet feed requirements. Biodigester is established. Cow dung is used for making amrutha jal, Ghanajeevamrutham, Dravajeevamrutham etc

 Soil fertility Management:

 Comprehensive methods are using for soil fertility. All Crops are healthy without any pest or disease. Soil fertility is managing with the following:

 ·         Amrutha mitti  - 1/4th acre is required to fill 3inches of amruthamitti in one acre – Before sowing spreading amruthamitti on raised beds.

·         Amrutha jalam: spraying once in a month

·         Ghanajeevamrutham: After intercultivation

·         Dravajeevamrutham – Once in a month

·         Nadep compost – Before sowing

Annapurna model:

 There are 12 beds in this model. Each bed is specified one crop. Each bed is seven feet width and each bed is provided irrigation with 2 feet canal. Inter row spacing for fruit plants are 36ft and intra row spacing is 9ft. Following are the crops grown in Annapurna model:

 1st Bed: Turmeric, 2nd bed: Tomato, 3rd bed: Carrot, 4th Bed: Tomato, 5th Bed: Blackgram, 6th Bed: Chilli, 7th Bed: Nursery for raising seedlings of vegetables, 8th Bed: Cauliflower, 9th Bed: Black gram, 10th Bed: Turmeric, 11th Bed: Sorrel, 12th Bed: Brinjal

SRI paddy is also growing in 1/4th Acre land.

This model supplies regular income and food and nutritional security at household level.

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  1. Hello Jayaram....I would like the farm and learn from their experiences, could you please help with their contact. My email id is pakka dot narasinga at gmail dot com
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